anine bing double zip skinnyanine bing double zip skinny

anine bing double zip skinny lds mormon family
lds mormon family
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lds mormon family anine bing double zip skinny jeans charcoal gray lds mormon family love lds mormon family love

Jeans: Anine Bing || T-Shirt: Target ||

Last week I took Daniel to the Botanic gardens.  Kylie and I use to go all the time, and this is the first time that Daniel came.  It was so fun, and the weather was perfect.  Oh my word it was so packed.  K but seriiously these jeans, ugh! I can’t even explain it, they are soo amazing.  They are fitted, but stretchy enough to where I can actually move in them.  I love the charcoal grey, I can wear them with absolutely anything, and I love that they have an ankle zip, so I can wear any kind of shoes and they don’t look weird-skinny jeans sometimes look weird on me when I wear sneakers-  I’ve had my eye on these jeans for like 3 years.  But who is going to pay $199 right?  They’re no longer available EXCEPT during Anine Bing’s semi annual sale when they’re 75% off!!!  Her next sale is in the summer.  So be sure to check that out.  And no, this is not a sponsored post, I wish these were free haha!

Hope you have a fabulous Saturday!

Love you all, thanks for reading



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