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Jacket: borrowed 😉 || Thermal: Free People (on sale!) || Jeans: Anine Bing || Sandals: GAP (old) similar

Family time

As I mentioned before, Kylie and I visited my family in Southern Utah for a week.  It was a blast being there, and Kylie was loving the park next door, and the SIDEWALKS (hello Houston, where are your sidewalks!).  It was a super chill week, so Kylie was easily able to bond with my parents and siblings 🙂  She even says “Ba-Chan” now-that’s Japanese for grandma-and my mom couldn’t have been happier about that.

As nice as the trip was, it’s so nice being home though.  Daniel has been so helpful, and sweet, and happy to have us home (distance really does make the heart grow fonder, lol).  I’ve been so sick these last few days though.  Maybe it’s all the miserable travel…the traveling part was grueling!  On our way there we missed our flight because the stupid airline left 20 minutes early! (I didn’t know they were allowed to do that…pretty sure they’re NOT which is another reason why I’m so pissed!) So we were rerouted through LA with a 7 hour layover (YUCK!) But at least I did get to see my aunt Kari who lives is LA, so that was a sweet little piece amidst a completely mess!  And Kylie was so wonderful, she’s such a great traveler.

Spirit Airlines=the worst!

But seriously, I don’t think I will EVER travel with Spirit Airlines again!  And I don’t recommend that to anyone else in the universe unless you want to be miserable.  Ugh, so many things went bad on the trip that are just to time consuming to mention.

Anyway.  It’s great being home, and hopefully I get over this stomach flu soon.

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