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anna nova australia fashion
anna nova australia fashionanna nova australia

Scarf: Anna Nova

I know I’ve been kinda MIA, but I’ve had this terrible head cold/flu for almost a week now, even Daniel caught it…somehow he’s pretty much over it already (what’s with that!?).  Fortunately the baby girl hasn’t been affected (knock on wood).  So I’m just popping in for a bit while I’m feeling ok (which will last for about 10 minutes) to share some of my favorites for Spring from one of my favorite designers.  Anna Nova has perfect Spring/Summer scarves.  They’re lightweight and don’t make you feel claustrophobic the way many scarves do.  While I was in St. George it was kinda warm, so I wore it in my hair mostly.  I have some more ways I like to style my hair with scarves, and I’ll be making a tutorial of all of them as soon as I’m able to be out of bed long enough to do so without getting super dizzy or wanting to vomit.  They’re also great for wearing by the pool as a cover up because though they can bunch of small, they’re actually pretty large, go figure.

Well I’m off to lay down again.  Hopefully I’ll be back in the regular routine of posting daily, but for now I’m just taking one day at a time.  Love you all!

*Thanks to Anna Nova for sponsoring this post <3

Some other Anna Nova favorites for Spring

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