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HAIR: Irresistible Me (shade #1b Silky Hair collection)

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Hello and welcome back to my blog, today I’m talking HAIR EXTENSIONS!

This is always a fun topic, because what girl doesn’t love long mermaid like hair???  Now as many of you might know, I don’t normally wear extensions, but recently due to a bad shampoo that made my hair fall out, and an impulsive act of cutting 4 inches of my hair off (it was pretty damaged from last year when I went blond that post HERE) I felt it was time to jump back on the extension band wagon.  Now over the past 10+ years I’ve had every single type of extensions in existence.  And I have to say that hands down, clip-in’s are the way to go.  For a couple reasons. 1) OptionsYou can move them around to accommodate different hairstyles and you can choose when and when not to wear them.  2) Cheaper-Good clip in extensions aren’t cheap, but they are cheaper.  At the salon you will typically be spending upwards of $200 for the beads, weaves  etc.  They will last you a month or so, where as clip in you pay around the same price, but they can last you forever!


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Good quality extensions can be hard to come by.  I’ve had some really poorly made ones in the past and they’re a down right disappointment.  I recently got some Irresistible Me extensions, and if you haven’t heard of them, oh my goodness you MUST keep reading!  First off they’re human hair extensions  this is a must.  DO NOT get synthetic hair, it will feel and look like you’re wearing a plastic wig.  They also come in 24″ length.  Not many companies do that.  So when I found out I could have 24″ extensions I was ecstatic!  Now I know my hair is a tad bit short for this length at the moment, so I have to work real hard to blend them, but since I’m preggers again, I’m confident my hair is  going to grow super fast like last time, and then these will be perfect!

They also come in a good variety of shades WITH a tutorial on how to find the right shade for you.  (I got the #1B Silky Touch in case you guys wanted to know).

Second awesome thing was that they came with eight, yes EIGHT wefts plus 2 little single clip ones.  That’s unheard of!  Most extension packs come with 4, maybe 5.


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Really the only downside for me was that they do get extremely thin towards the ends.  I mean all hair is going to thin at the last 4 inches or so, but these seemed a little more so than others.  This won’t be a problem if you have thin hair and get the 200g, but my hair is already pretty thick, however I kinda expected this going in…. So I’d just recommend not getting a length that’s more than 4-5 inches longer than your natural hair especially if you have thicker hair.  I did because as mentioned before, I’m expecting my hair to grow quickly, and I didn’t want to run into the same problem I had with my first baby.  My hair thinned out, so I got some hair extensions but their longest ones weren’t long enough, so they didn’t really do anything for me, and it was so hard finding extensions that had a longer option. So this time I’ll be PREPARED! 😀
Overall these Irresistible Me extensions are fantastic.  They’re soft, they hold in place well, and the color matches mine exactly!  I hope this was helpful, and thank you so much for stopping by!

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