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^^Our routine battle when it’s time to leave and she’s not ready^^

swimming with baby or toddler

Suit: Adidas by Stella McArtney || Shorts: Thrift store  || Tank: PacSun


Having frequent POOL DAYS is an absolute must when you have a toddler.  Nothing exhausts them more than spending an hour (or more) in the water.  Kylie is like a fish when it comes to the water, she seriously can’t get enough.  She already loves using her water wings, (which of course aren’t even pictured here :p) and our pool also has a kiddy pool that she can stand up in, so that way when I get tired, I can let her run loose in there while I sit back in the shade as she expels some energy.

These were taken over the 4th of July weekend.  We had a fun packed holiday weekend…and stupidly I way over did it, because the following week it was like my first trimester all over again, and I couldn’t even get out of bed, which is why it’s taken so long for me to post these.  But fortunately I’m on the up and up once again, and I’ll try to behave myself and not go crazy over a three day span like uh hem, going to the pool, the beach, 2 bbqs, 3 hours of church and fireworks….haha.

NOW THIS SUIT has been an absolute favorite of mine.  It’s more on the sporty side, which makes it super secure, so I like it for swimming laps, kayaking etc.  also great when your toddler for some reason feels the need to pull on your suit for support.

Well my little munchkin is begging for my attention to go watch some Curious George lol.  So that’s it for now.

*Also don’t forget the HUUUGE Nordstrom Sale started yesterday for early access to those who are cardholders.  So go check that out


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