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===>>> For years I thought that Boutiques meant only old, out dated antique items that you find in your grandma’s closet.  But fortunately that has been corrected.  Because I absolutely LOVE boutiques.  You can find the most unique and chic items, and often times bohemian inspired pieces (which are my fav) like Free People etc.  One of my favorite places is in Southern Utah, called The Nook.  It’s the cutest little shop, and they always have the most recent items that are just to DIE for.  In fact, it was through them that I discovered Anna Nova, which has now become one of my most favorite designers (You can see some posts I did with them here, here and here ).  But since I live in Texas and can’t make weekly stops (or daily….hehe) it’s great that they have an online store.

So crazy story.  I’m sitting here typing this post, and my husband and Kylie just got back from a morning swim at the pool.  And he told me the craziest story!  So they’re out at the pool, and he put Kylie up on the giant pool step that she likes because the water only goes to her chest.  Then out of nowhere she starts doing her frantic, panic “my life is in danger” cry.   So Daniel moves closer to her and sees that there’s just a big worm in the pool.  He chuckles and shakes his head in a “oh Kylie” way.  But then he looks closer and it’s swimming very fast right towards Kylie, and it’s not a worm, it’s a snake!!!  He swooped her up in a split second and she put a kung fu death grip on him.  Daniel got the snake out of the pool, but Kylie wouldn’t let herself more than 2 inches away from him for the rest of the time. LOL.  Welcome to Texas right?  Interesting way to start the day.  The other funny thing is, that now that she’s home and safe, any time we mention the snake, she starts to laugh.

Well, let’s pray the rest of the day is snake free 🙂  Hope ya’ll have a good Saturday.  Don’t forget to do sometime nice for someone else, it will make you HAPPIER!.


“Beauty starts the moment you decide to be yourself”


-Coco Chanel

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