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Dress: Sonnet James || Sunnies: Charming Charlie || Shoes: NineWest (sold out) similar || Bag: Target

If you haven’t heard of Sonnet James dresses yet (and especially if you’re a mom) then you are about to learn something that will change your life!  They are dresses made specifically for getting dirty, for bending over (without things getting awkward) and chasing little ones around and playing with them.  The fabric is a special kind that makes it so pretty much any stain comes out, which is a huge plus for me, because I’m always getting the most random stains all over my clothes. And the best part is feeling like I can move.  Ya know what I mean?  You wear a dress because you ant to feel dressed up and pretty…but then when your toddler wants you to sit in the sand box with them, you spend 5 minutes maneuvering yourself and your clothes onto the ground AND then you’re stiff as a board and afriad to budge because you of course don’t want to ruin your dress.  Well all those problems are out the window with Sonnet James dresses 😀
One other great thing is since it’s a little looser of a fit (fyi they run a little larger in general, so I’d recommend getting a size smaller) I can wear it as a maternity dress as well! Oh yeah, by the way I’m no 20 WEEKS!!!  I’m halfway to meeting our little baby.  Many of you have been asking what we’re having.  And well, embarrassingly, we just haven’t gotten around to finding out yet (insert red cheeked emoji  here).  Thing is, since we’re using a midwife, I don’t have regular scheduled ultra sounds, I just decided when I want them etc.

Well I hope the rest of ya are having a good week so far.  Mine kinda got off to a rough start yesterday.  But today is a new day!

*Huge thank you to Sonnet James for sponsoring this post

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”



-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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