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GIVEAWAY MOM AND BABYMom and toddler giveaway lds momMORMON MOM JEWELRY mama and baby necklaces


MINE & YOURS Giveaway time….

First let me point out that she is much more photogenic than I am.  This little munchkin has become obsessed with wearing everything mama wears, makeup, jewelry, bras, and looking “pretty”
The most recent development is necklaces. We now have these Yours & Mine necklaces.  They’re simple, yet go with everything!  I like to layer mine with other necklaces that are longer, because this one is border line choker which is perfect for layering.  And they are lightweight so if you’re at all like me and are headache prone to heavy weighted jewelry, then these are perfect! And they’re UNISEX.  Kylie loves hers and literally hasn’t taken it off since I put it on her.  She bathes with it, swims with it, and sleeps with it.  It just melts my heart every time she puts her hand to it and says “necklace! Pretty!” And then she’ll touch mine and say “matching!” So I thought, oh my goodness, every mom needs to experience this.  You have to coordinate outfits with your child at least ONCE in your life right???  So I’ve decided to bring another GIVEAWAY to you!  You will win a set of these necklaces, for you and your little man, or little mini, (and if you don’t have a child, do not fear, you can have 2 of the Mom sizes and use them as Friends, Sister or Couple necklaces, what have you).



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