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Some time ago on a hot and humid day we tagged along with Daniel to a great Pokemon Go location (I take his word for it…I’m not a Pokemon Go goer).  It’s no secret that humid+my hair DON’T get along, so I wore my hair in this side braid with my Irresistible Me extensions, and voila! Problem solved (for the most part 😉 ).  I decided to bring you a quick tutorial of how I did it.  So I hope you enjoy!

*You don’t need extensions for this look, you can even do it with medium length hair.  But I think they make the look more fun.  Plus I like the added thickness and volume, and the extra length make the hair easier to work with.

*Watch in HD

^^^Products mentioned or wearing ^^^

Hair extensions  (on sale!) || Lipstick (shade ‘Pink Pearl Pop’) || Top || Dry Shampoo

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