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Dress  (on major sale!) also love this, this  (on sale!) || Sandals (old) Similar || Bag || Lipstick ‘Fanfare’


That’s a new word that I’ve just been loving lately.  Not sure how or where it got started (any of you know?) but it’s seriously so true.  As a mom you kinda need to put on a uniform of sorts.  Everyone has their own preferences and criteria.  But for me it needs to include the 3 C’s.  1) Comfortable 2) Cute 3) Cleanable 

Comfortable-Ugh do I even need to explain my reasoning for this one? Haha.  Because let’s be honest, walking around the grocery store, or making multiple trips to and from the car, bending over to put kids in and out of car seats in 6″ heels gets old really fast!  I know…I’ve tried lol.  Actually…when Kylie was a new born and weighed hardly anything I wore heels all the time, and it was no trouble.  And now that she can walk by herself and is really good about holding my hand, I’ve been getting my heels out more and more.  But most often, I prefer flats, because I like the feeling of knowing that if I needed to take up running for whatever reason, I can do so easily 😀  My “momiform” usually consists of a cute pair of flat or short heeled shoes, a casual dress (*** this dress I’m wearing is on MAJOR SALE!) or comfy jeans/shorts, a simple top, and whatever bag I can fit 1 diaper, small thing of wipes, phone and my wallet into.

Cute- Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you have to give up your personal style, or stop feeling cute.  Seriously WHERE does it say that???  So many of my friends after having kids felt like they somehow weren’t “allowed” to spend time on themselves anymore.  Now I get that it’s not always possible, time is a tricky thing.  But there’s a world of difference between feeling guilty for taking 10-20 minutes on your makeup (if the time is available to you) and having a day where there just isn’t time.  Although giving up things you love for the little people you love MORE is noble, you’re not doing them any favors by completely neglecting to take care of yourself.  You’re still YOU.  And if means wearing lipstick, or using a classy purse as a diaper bag then you go for it!

Cleanable-I swear there’s an extra invisible child somewhere that helps Kylie make the most random stains appear on my clothes.  It’s mind blowing how just drinking water from a sippy can become a hand print on my back as soon as I pick her up.  So when I’m out and about with the mini I avoid satin, silky or any sort of fabric that I can’t take a wipe to, and that dries fast!

What are some of your favorite ‘momiform” pieces?  I’m always looking for new options and inspiration.
Thanks for reading ya’ll!


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