Who doesn’t love a little mini helper around while trying to film tutorials? ūüėÄ ¬†Seriously my baby girl makes life so much more interesting, and I can’t wait until we have another one. ¬†Which is just a little more than 4 month away! EEEEEP.
I haven’t don’t tutorials in awhile, but I forgot how much fun they are, so I hope you’ve been enjoying them, because I’ve sure enjoyed making them.

So I had the weirdest conversations with a customer service rep this morning, I know this is really random, but seriously, I’ve never had a phone call leaving me feeling so eery before. ¬†The lady answers and doesn’t even say “hi thanks for calling…..blah blah” no, instead she’s like “hellooooo” in a really low, monotone, robotic voice. ¬†I said “hi” but then she repeats again “hellooo” so immediately I’m thinking, is this an automated rep? ¬†She kept the same robotic, low voice, and would leave like 2-3 second delays after everything I said before responding. ¬†Seriously you guys, I spent the whole call genuinely trying to figure out what the heck I was talking to. ¬†Finally at the end she started asking some questions that a robot wouldn’t ask, like “oh, when is your baby due? ¬†Oh I was born in December too.” ¬†She was nice, but ugh, it was so weird. ¬†I literally called my husband right after because I needed to feel grounded talking to someone who felt normal. ¬†Have you guys ever had an experience like that? ¬†Anyway, hope ya’ll are excited for the weekend! ¬†Thanks for reading.



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