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Any one else suffer from the obsession of finding new, tasty and HEALTHY snacks?  And does anyone else find it kinda difficult when you’re pregnant?  Although eating constant carbs (because they’re the only thing that doesn’t nauseate me) lately has been a blast….I’ve just never been a carb person…I’m fruits and veggies all the way…which is funny because I use to be a maaaajor sweet tooth, somewhere along the way that changed….:)

Well for me, the second I find a combo that’s tasty and satisfying, I eat it repeatedly.  This usually only lasts for a couple weeks and then it’s on to something new.  HALLELUJAH for Pinterest!  It’s seriously been saving my life.

On a side note.  We’re going to on a short trip soon and I’m super excited, half dreading.  I’ve just barely gotten somewhat back into my routine of being able to do things on my own with out puking my guts out at the end of the day (sorry tmi)  that I’m worried 3.5 hours on an uncomfortable plane with a toddler, and then running around like crazy visiting people, doing collaboration shoots etc, etc is just going to undo all the progress I’ve made.  So pray for me! MEEEP.  But I am excited for Daniel, because his younger brother who has been serving an LDS mission in Uruguay for the past 2 years is coming home!!!  Of course I’m excited to see him too, but Daniel especially because they are like best buds!  It’s all thanks to my dear loving auntie for making it all possible.

Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you were uplifted. Feel free to leave your thoughts or questions xo


  1. i will def have to try some of these out i like finding new foods to snack on too especially anything that helps keep the weight off 😉

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