Can we just take a second and talk about the Olympics???  Seriously are Phelps and Ledecky even human!?  I wanted him to win that race last night against his rival so bad.  Afterwards my husband was like “you were jumping off the couch”  And then the one girl (King I think) beating the girl who used steroids.  WOOHOO!  It’s so inspiring and to watch, and it makes me swell with pride.  How awesome is it that so many countries have the opportunity to represent, or cheer for their country, and feel a part of something so incredible?

Also, the gymnastics I’ve always LOVED.  Can I please have their flexibility and their ab muscles, lol.  I plan on putting Kylie in gymnastics and me and Daniel started fantasizing about her being an Olympian one day lol.  We would totally be like Aly’s parents

NOW TO THE MAKEUP this purchase was looong overdue.  I haven’t purchased new makeup products in years…which is even more gross considering all of the articles and Pins talking about when you should be throwing certain cosmetics in the trash….yeah I pretty much throw that rule in the trash. Haha.

Kylie loves wearing makeup sooo much!  I never thought I would have such a girly girl daughter.  I was a hard core Tom Boy until I was 15.   But I honestly LOVE that she’s a little girly diva.


Have a wonderful evening!  I’ll be watching more OLYMPICS!!!

GO USA!!!!!!



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