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Today I’m excited to share 5 fun activities to do with your family. And all of them are under or around $20 (that’s for our family of 3).

It amazes me just how many activities there are available to keep your kiddos (and YOU) entertained on a dime.  Daniel and I were talking and agreed that we need to be taking better advantage of all of the fun things Houston has to offer.  Houston is definitely a “Family Friendly” city, but I’m finding that there are hidden gems in ever city or town you live in or visit.
After talking to his sister, and hearing her vent a little frustration she was having with her husbands lack of planning and taking her on dates, Daniel realized he was doing the exact same thing.  Not really planning or taking me on dates, EVER! Watching a movie at home doesn’t count.  So he found some fun things happening downtown, and found a Vietnamese restaurant (because he knows I LOVE Vietnamese food) and we took off.  The food was amazing, and even though it started pouring rain, so we weren’t able to go kayaking at a park downtown, Kylie enjoyed the splash pad and snow cones.  We’re going to go kayaking another day though.  Here are some other things are affordable and simple, for just you and your significant other, or for the whole fam.

Movie in the park-These are everywhere!  In fact every place I’ve ever lived has a park where they show movies (usually for FREE).  Just Google it and I guarantee you will find one.

Kayaking/canoeing/splash pad-There is most likely one of these available near you.  In Houston it only costs $5 to kayak, and the splash pads are of course free.

Food trucks-Sample a yummy food truck, find a nice little place to settle down and eat.  Food trucks are usually nearby parks, so bring a blanket and sit under a tree, or find a picnic table.

Children’s museum-Many children’s museums I’ve come across are either free, or have a small donation fee.

Craft day-Go to the craft store or Target and pick out some simple crafts.  Whether that’s play dough (usually I just make my own if this is what Kylie wants) or a wooden model to paint, coloring book etc.  Be sure to set a spending limit (otherwise if you’re like me it’s easy to lose control lol) and have a family craft day.  Usually we will save this one for Monday evenings, when we have our Family Night.

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