I suppose I’m not really one with a knack for building suspense, by giving away that we’re having a baby girl right in the title of this post lol.  But I’m also that annoying person who looks up the endings of movies and tv shows before I finish.  It drives my husband crazy!

I wanted to share with you some of my wishlist/favorite baby items that I either want to try or ones that I used and loved with Kylie girl, and want them again…or will simply reuse.  That’s one great thing about having another little girl…I already have quite a few things :D.  So that leaves more time for NEW items hahaha.

baby favorites

(Starting from the top left to right)

GIRAFFE PACIFIER-This was by far theee best pacifier ever!  For the longest time Kylie WOULD NOT take one.  Which made it stressful for me when we would fly, because i wanted her to have something to suck on in order to prevent her ears of getting plugged.  THIS was the only one that she would take.  I loved it because it’s cute, and doesn’t get lost easily.  Until you leave it in the cart at Costco, and some mean heartless person takes it rather than turn it in 🙁  So I’ll be getting another one of these for our new addition to the family.

SOLLY WRAP We had a nice Chicco carrier in the beginning, which was comfy for us, but Kylie hated it because she was so small, it would completely cover her head and all.  Plus she didn’t like the thick barrier between her stomach and my body when she was in it.  So I decided to give Solly Wraps a try.  I was pretty hesitant because I thought how on earth could a big piece of fabric cost $65!  But OMG it was so worth it.  They are comfortable, light weight, and your baby feels very secure while in them.  I would often put her in it while I did house work, I could use both arms and bend over easily!

MESH BATHER I think these bathers are extremely underrated.  You always see those large plastic tub ones that are expensive and difficult to store.  I loved this mesh one because #1 It was affordable and #2 so easy to bath her in #3 folds right up and fits under the bathroom sink.  It’s angled just right (and you can adjust how far back it reclines etc) that even as a newborn, Kylie could lay back/sit up while I’d pour water over her and wash her hair.  By the time she out grew it, she was able to sit up in the tub on her own.

BOUNCER Honestly, a baby bouncer is a baby bouncer.  But I particularly liked this one because of the dangling monkeys (which Kylie loved) and this one vibrates and plays music.

NURSING PILLOW I never got a nursing pillow with Kylie…no idea why to be honest.  But this time around I’m determined to try one, because after looking back it would have been nice to have some extra support especially after the baby falls asleep while nursing, and I’m just not ready to put her down yet.

DIAPER BAG (*backpack) I’ve tried numerous diaper bags.  And my recommendation is whatever brand you get, just get it as a backpack! And make sure that it has outside pocket bottle holders.  I can’t tell you how many times I would opt for my regular shoulder bag and leave the backpack behind, then after an hour of running errands I’m longing for my backpack bag.  There’s really no way to describe it.  But you WILL know once you’ve tried it what you were missing.

NOSE FRIDA (snot sucker) I’ve heard great things about these from my friends and other bloggers.  I used those standard orb like snot suckers (the ones my parents used on me), and I wasn’t really a fan, but I had no idea there was another option.  So this is definitely going on the list

MUSLIN SWADDLE BLANKETS These are by fart theee best blankets ever!  Kylie didn’t really like to be swaddled, but I use them in place of receiving blankets.  They are lightweight, pretty large (so they make for nice cover ups while nursing in public) and they absorb everything from slobber, to spit up, to milk.

PORTABLE BASSINET This bassinet was probably one of the smartest purchases I made with Kylie.  I know there are lots of cute BIG bassinets out there, but for me, I wanted Kylie as close to me as possible at all times during her first months of life.  And by the time she could sleep through the night in a room of her own I was using I crib…so I just never saw the point of using a large fancy bassinet.  This one is small enough that I could pull it right up next to our bed so if she got restless sleeping with me I could lay her in it, and if she got hungry, I could easily reach over and grab her.  Also during nap time I’d pull her into whatever room I was in at the time.

BURT’S BABY PRODUCTS I love everything Burt’s Bees.  And their Baby collection is what i use the most by far!  I’m very picky about what I put on my skin and especially my baby’s skin, and I like that Burt’s is on the natural side.  The products all smell amazing, especially the lotion/body cream.  It has the most amazing sweet smell that will forever remand me of Kylie as a newborn and holds such special memories for me.  Get the ‘Original’ scent though…I’m not a huge fan of the ‘Soothing’ scented lotion.  Also Kylie has always been very prone to diaper rash, and after trying at least 4 diaper creams, Burt’s Baby diaper cream was the ONLY one that worked for her.  I highly recommend it!

Thank you ya’ll for stopping by!  I love you all, and I’m so grateful for the  awesome followers I have.  Have a wonderful rest of your day!


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