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Dress: Band Of Gypsies sold out (similar)

I’m so excited to share some maternity photos that Daniel took for me.

I felt it was necessary to post these today, because let’s just say that today has been one of those days that I wonder why I signed up to be a mom.  Kylie has been driving me absolutely insane, and I’m at my wits end.  I had to start blasting uplifting church music in the car just to keep from screaming my lungs out at her.  But no one else ever has those days right…? (sarcastic tone if you didn’t pick up on that).  So I wanted to post these photos to remind myself of the happy, butterfly feelings I had that day (and most days).  I especially love the one of me and Kylie just grinning at each other.  She frequently does this thing where she’ll press her forehead to mine and giggle…makes my heart to flips every time.

Days like today I also find it helpful to remind myself that life seems to have a pattern of following up a horrendous day with a good one.  And I”m sure hoping that’s true. In fact, i’m sure it will be, because tomorrow we head to Austin to spend the weekend on a ranch for Daniel’s boss’ birthday.  I’m sooo excited!

These maternity photos—

I’m 30 weeks now (29 when I took these), and I was so hoping to find a bohemian-like white dress for these.  I’m obsessed with white.  And I was over the moon when I found this one.  Which ironically enough the brand is called Band of Gypsies…huh, how appropriate for my style lol.  I thought it looked good online, but it’s so much better in person.  There is this gorgeous lace detailing on the hem, it’s sturdy fabric but not too hot.  i just can’t say enough about it, and I’m looking forward to taking some mama baby pics in it as soon as our little one arrives.

Thanks for reading ya’ll, I’m going to go take advantage of Kylie FINALLY napping to try to catch some Zs myself.


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