“MOMIFORM”-Miracle Diaper Bag

“MOMIFORM”-Miracle Diaper Bag

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Dress: Ross (similar) || Hat: old, similar (on sale) || Diaper Bag: Target || Tennies: Famous Footwear (currently on sale!)

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that most days my “momiform” consists of some comfy sweats, over sized T-shirt, or even just one of my husband’s shirts if I’m going to be inside all day.  But I find that I am 100 times more productive and happier if I put a little effort into how I look, even if all that just means some jeans, t-shirt and maybe some lipstick.  My first time pregnant I still insisted on wearing heels every day, but it’s very different once you have another little munchkin outside of the oven to chase around.  So now (with Sundays as the exception) I’m all about comfort.  Comfort is different for everyone, but for me it’s fabrics that stretch, and articles that don’t pinch or squeeze, and some tennies or comfy flats, and for a bag, I’ve joined the back pack club.  Also adding a hat seriously makes any plain Jane outfit look like you put twice as much effort into it, I don’t know why I never did this more often.

This little miracle backpack—Finding this diaper bag was a little miracle story that I just have to share.  As I mentioned before, I’m a big fan of backpack diaper bags.  They are so much more convenient, they carry more, and my arm isn’t falling off by the end of the day.  But like many other moms, I don’t like my diaper bags to look like diaper bags-Maybe a little pathetic I know-but it can hard to find a backpack that looks chic and still has the practicality of a diaper bag.  I’ve had my eye on this Skip Hop one for aaaages.  And I got so excited when I saw that Target now carries Skip Hop bags  because that’s where I made my baby registry.  I knew I was being a tad over optimistic though, because this bag is $100 (ouch-who would buy me that honestly….).  So everyday-and I mean literally every day-I would check to see if it was on sale, both at Target and Nordstrom.  And as cheesy as it may sound, I was even praying that I would somehow get this bag for my shower, or that it would go on sale and I could  But to no avail.  Then randomly one day I was picking up some items from Target I thought I’d pass by the handbag section to see if maybe there was a cute backpack that I could convert into a diaper bag (I didn’t bother looking in the baby section because the bag I wanted is available online only).  Then i saw one that looked like it might actually work.  It even had pocket holders on the sides for bottles (which is surprisingly difficult to find), and it was black.  I thought “oh wow, this one actually looks really similar to the ‘Chelsea’ bag.  As I got closer more and more minor similarities started to appear, until I saw a Skip Hop tag attached to it, with a red clearance tag!  I actually froze and my jaw dropped as I let out giggles of shock.  I remember being perfectly aware of how theatrical and ridiculous I looked.  I snatched the bag off the shelf before someone could run up and take it from me.  The bag was $40.  WHAT?! How on earth was it marked from $100 to $40???  I skimmed the bag inside and out for any damages or flaws…NOTHING that I could see.  Maybe it was missing the changing pad…nope the pad was there, all the pieces were there.  WOW.  I could not stop smiling like a idiot.  So many things were going through my head.  Why was it in the store?  Why was it in the purse section and not with the other diaper bags? How on earth was it marked down so low?  This was a tender mercy for Heavenly Father.  I have no doubt about that.  I mean think about it.  He is our Father.  And like any loving father I believe he enjoys seeing us happy, even if it’s over the most silly or minuscule things like a diaper bag, lol.




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  1. So happy you love his bag! I just ordered. Did you know when someone returns and online item to the store, they have to clearance it? Happens all the time. Lucky you!!!

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