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Two food posts in a row I know…but this avocado and cream smoothie is just too delicious not to share.

This yummy rich creation does its name justice fairly well.  It has to be the smoothest, creamiest smoothie ever! It’s not too sweet but not at all bitter.  Plus the gorgeous light green color makes it all the more appetizing.  Okay now it’s starting to sound like I’m describing a piece of artwork or something lol.  This is not art by any means but they are incredibly addicting, in fact I’m sipping on one even as I type this.
Who would ever think that avocados would be good in a smoothie???  But I’m not even kidding you, this is one that you MUST try.  Apparently they put avocados in chocolate shakes in Indonesia (according to my husband who lived there for 2 years).  I tried one once with the chocolate and I actually didn’t care for it (shocking since I love all things chocolate).  But then one day I saw this recipe on the menu of a juice bar…they only had the ingredients listed and i thought “hmmm, i have all of those at home right now.  Why pay $6?”  So i went home and Kylie and I blended this concoction.  Holy delicious!!!  It has been a repeat drink for us  ever since.

Ingredients (serves 1)

1/2 fresh avocado
1 frozen banana
1/8 c water

1/2 c Almond milk
2-3 Ice cubes
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
(if you like it a little sweeter add some honey or agave nectar)

*You only need to add the water if you’re using Silk almond milk (I find that this brand makes the smoothies extremely thick, so I add water to thin it.  Otherwise just use only almond milk.

I really hope you try this recipe!  Well my little girl is shouting “mama! Where are you?” from her crib, so I’m off to fulfill some mom duties.  Thanks for reading

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