acai berry bowl

*This recipe is 99.9% fully raw and can be 100% raw if you use homemade almond butter and almond milk*

Today I’m sharing the recipe for these ‘Nice Cream’ acai berry bowls that I’m constantly making and posting on my social media.  I get lots of questions about them so I figured it was time that I post the recipe for ya’ll.
They are seriously the yummiest things ever!  It’s still hard for me to believe that there is NO added artificial sugar, NO dairy and it’s actually HEALTHY and practically impossible to over eat on.  So have as much as your heart desires GUILT FREE-those are my favorite kind of snacks.  Ps, it’s super filling.
Kylie absolutely loves them, and we actually refer to this as ‘ice cream’ so she really doesn’t know what real ice cream is, and she’ll actually take this ‘nice cream’ over regular.  (BOOYAAA! #proudmomMoment lol)

*If you want to add different fruits, toppings, flavors etc, it’s the same concept.  Just be sure that you don’t leave out the frozen bananas…they really create the soft serve texture and sweetness.

1 Serving

1 large frozen banana
1/2 c frozen strawberries
1/8 c almond milk
1 Tbl Acai powder (you can find this in really any health store or health food section)
1 Tbl almond butter
1/2 Tbl honey

Mix in high speed blender until all frozen fruits are well blended


Fresh sliced fruit of choice ie banans, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, cherries.
lots & lots of Cacau Nibs
More almond butter (optional)
More honey (optional)

*Don’t be afraid to get creative…I sometimes add granola, or cocoa powder to make it chocolaty, it’s really whatever your heart desires, even add some protein powder for a post or pre workout snack 😀
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