How are we already nearing the end of October!!! Seriously where does the time freaking go?  But I’m not complaining, because this means that I’m that much closer to delivering this little munchkin that has completely taken over my baby for the past months.  My two other friends that were pregnant have both had their babies now (one of them just yesterday).  They are both an inspiration to me.  Because they tried and prayed for so long to have these little babies come into their family and it finally happened for them.  Even though one was sick alll the time and the other was in pain and miserable, they were still just so overjoyed that this was happening for them, that they never complained.  We had a period of time when I was afraid we were infertile, and it was a terrifying, heart breaking thing.  My heart goes out to anyone who has or is going through something similar.

On a happy note.  I’ve been going crazy creating my baby wish lists (you can see some of my favorites here and here) and discovering new shops and websites and fantasizing over all the items I want for this new baby.  I’m sharing the first 2 items that I got in preparation for the new little girl.

freshly picked moccasins

MOCCASINS-One of the very first thingswere these moccasins….do I even need to say why?  They are just a no brainer for new born photos, any outfit, and super practical and comfy for your older babies.  Freshly Picked makes the best in my opinion, they are the only ones with the built in elastic around the heel so that they don’t just slip off. *PS.  I’ll be hosting TWO giveaways with Freshly Picked over the next couple of months.  The first will be starting in about a week or so.  So start browsing their site and decided which you will pick if you win!


wrap1 wrap4 wrap3 wrap2wrap5





BABY WRAP-Baby carrying is kinda the ‘thing’ going around right now.  And for good reason.  Aside from the positive emotional benefits it has on both you and your baby, it’s so much easier on your back.  And especially since little baby girl will be arriving during the cooler months, I like having her as close to my body as possible while being bundled up.  This Happy Baby wrap is awesome (I have the one in ‘Slate’).  I used a similar wrap with Kylie which was ok, but I the fabric was sometimes too stretchy, and the weight of my baby would start to make her slip down and my shoulders ache.  This Happy Wrap still has a little stretch so that the baby can have some mobility, but without riding down over long use.  Plus they have free shipping and right now you can get a 5% off coupon HERE so be sure to check that out.  They have so many colors (above are some of my favorites 😉 ), and you’ll find that they actually become a bit of a fashion accessory, I would take every color if I could!

Hope you’re all having a wonderful week, thanks for stopping by!

*In collaboration with Happy Baby Wrap & Freshly Picked

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