ENJOY THE SHINING MOMENTS | 3 ways to be happy

ENJOY THE SHINING MOMENTS | 3 ways to be happy

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Our life has been a bliss the last couple of months.  Of course we still have the daily stresses that come with life, and we don’t have everything that we hope to have one day ie a house among other things, but we’ve been making it a point to enjoy the journey and live in the moment.  It’s amazing what changing your perspective can do for how you feel, even when your circumstances haven’t changed.  It’s been a conscious ongoing effort, but I’m finally finding a happy place where I can take any day and make it into a memorable or pleasant one.  These are the 3 main things that I’ve try to do on a daily basis.

  1. COUNT YOUR BLESSING- Cliche I know, and one that I’ve mentioned before, but that’s because it truly.  I recently gave a lesson in church (I teach the young girls ages 12-13) about ‘gratitude’ and why it’s important, and how it can help us to be happier.  Being grateful is a state of mind not just something you say, but it all starts with acknowledgement.  My favorite way to acknowledge my blessings is to keep a blessing book.  I like to end my day listing the specific blessings from that particular day.  It really helps me to recognize just how much I am loved and blessed by my heavenly father 🙂
  2. POWER CLEAN THE NIGHT BEFORE- For me there is nothing better than waking up to an already tidy (mostly tidy) house.  On the flip side, when I wake up to a sink full of dirty dishes, toys strewn across the floor and unfolded piles of laundry, my day starts off with high levels of anxiety.  So I set a timer for 20 minutes the night before and clean as much as I can-and since it’s in the evening Daniel is usually able to help out so it ends up taking about 10 minutes instead-We do like to spend the evenings unwinding together so we if we don’t get the entire house the clean it’s ok, just so long as it’s somewhat clean in the morning is enough to help me feel motivated and positive the next day.
  3. BE STILL AND JUST CHILL – Bonding with Kylie (especially at this age) is very important to me.  After all she is the reason I stay home, so I do my best to make sure to take some time to just be with her.  Kids honestly just want you present, physically and mentally.  Usually this just involves sitting outside and letting her show me the treasures she finds (rocks, leaves, sticks…) and watching her jump or run and seeing her point out bees, butterflies, airplanes and flowers.

Hope you try some of these things out and see if they help you.  I’d love to hear some of the things that you do in order to have a better day/better life 😀




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