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easy toddler diy dress up costume

Elmo just couldn’t be left out…obviously ^_^

toddler halloween costume


Happy Halloween!

I’m so happy with the way our coordinated costumes turned out.  Putting mine and Daniel’s together was really easy, we either already had or borrowed everything.  PS do you like Daniel’s beanie?  It’s actually mine, turned inside out to hide the pom pom at the top lol. With Kyie’s though, I actually put some work into it.  I’ve known that I wanted to dress her up as Little Red Riding Hood since January.  I figured how hard can it be to make a little hooded cape…and it really isn’t hard at all.  There are tons of Youtube tutorials (what did we do without Youtube seriously??)  I found one that was actually a no sew.  Have you heard of fabric glue? I never had until now, and what a game changer.  I made a few changes from the tutorial I found (you can watch it here) rather than weave the hood to the cape, I just used fabric glue for everything.  The material was super cheap, and since Kylie is so small I only needed half a yard.  So total for everything was $7 (not bad in my opinion).