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img_6236-fileminimizerHouston zoo gorilla

The Ape room was my favorite.  It was air conditioned, there were places to sit and the animals were right up against the glass….even though the lighting was horrible for pictures.



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Daniel’s shoes: c/o Adidas via Famous Footwear || My shoes: Converse (on sale) via Famous Footwear || Kylie’s shoes: c/o Freshly Picked

Diaper Bag: Skip Hop

Daniel took his first payed day off ever for Free Zoo Day!  It was so great, the weather was perfect, it wasn’t that crowded, and Kylie LOOOOVED seeing all the animals.  We took her last fall but she was still a little too young to get that excited…but this time she was in heaven.  But man there is a ton of walking involved (they should make adult strollers for pregnant women 🙂 ) so it pays to have a comfy pair of shoes to walk in, and it’s a plus if they’re stylish.  I’ve been wearing my Converse non stop (that are currently on sale at Famous Footwear!), same goes for Daniel.  We recently picked up these Adidas from Famous Footwear.  They’re great because he’s able to wear them to work and casually, plus they’re comfortable for him to spend hours at the zoo following a toddler around.

“Feeling the security and constancy of love from a spouse, a parent, or a child is a rich blessing”


-David A. Bednar

:: Other favorite walking shoes of ours ::

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