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Since last Thursday everything has been non stop GO.  My mom and aunt were in town and it was week filled with activities, my baby shower, church, shopping, massages (me giving my aunt a massage, she has so much pain) I swear I’ve walked 100 miles over the past days, and eaten my weight in The Cheesecake Factory. And I can now officially say I am POOPED!  I wish I could say I have a week to recoup now, but that would be a lie.  This week will also be non stop, full of church activities (i’m in charge of), baby appointments, putting the house back together, get togethers with Daniel’s co-workers and somewhere in there I need to find time to get groceries :S  But it’s fun, even if my body is now aching lol.  I also have fun collaborations and working on…many of them revolving around the arrival of this little one (only 4 more weeks!)

I feel so overwhelmingly blessed after this looong-but WONDERFUL-week.  My friend Holly put together a baby shower for me, and my mom and aunt came out from Utah for it.  I couldn’t believe the kindness and generosity of my friend taking time out of their busy days to spend a couple hours making me feel so special.  My mom refers to all of the people here as my Texas Family, and they truly ARE!  i love them all so much.  Anne of Green Gables said it well, “we are rich” because of all the loving people that surround us.

And then there was my mom and aunt Rhonda who seriously spoiled us beyond belief.  From the tiniest little thing like my mom getting me and Kylie some Dippin’ Dots to the fact that they flew out here during one of the most expensive times to fly!  I wish they could have stayed longer 🙁  But I’m so happy we’ll get to see them again in January (when the new baby comes) thanks to Daniel’s parents.  (Another huge act of generosity and love 🙂 ).

Ok so I’m probably being really sappy and going on so much longer than anyone wants….but just remember to focus on the good.  Recognize and THANK people for even the littlest things they do for YOU. …you will be a much happier person if you do.

Thanks for reading ya’ll


Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you were uplifted. Feel free to leave your thoughts or questions xo
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