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MINE- Boots | Beanie | Jeans (maternity) | Top (maternity)
KYLIE- Boots

Boots are my favorite winter must have!

The weather is turning chilly at last!  For a boot obsessed girl like myself it’s absolute torture not having the right kind of weather for them aka all of last winter. When my aunt and mom were in town they got me and Kylie some boots.  I’ve been wanting a pair of lace up leather boots for a long time…they have that bohemian woodsy vibe that I’m all for.  I can’t wait for when I can wear flowy dresses again…..which should be in about 3 and a half weeks!!!
I’ve been in full on nesting mode (I always get the most energy towards the end of my pregnancies—which seems a little backwards to me).  We just got our new car seat and stroller and so far I love it!  Kylie and I are going out tomorrow to get last minute baby supplies and so I’ll get to test it out with her.  We got this one and this car seat. I’m so glad I have a husband to put things together for me.  I was planning on doing it today while he was at work but before he left he insisted on doing it….so glad he did because I opened that thing and I was lost!
*ps all boots at Target are 30% off with the Cartwheel app.

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