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Natural skincare products are extremely important to me.

I had a boss/good friend while working as a massage therapist at a spa that was diagnosed with cancer, and they were able to link it back to all the harsh chemicals and ingredients in the makeup, lotions, shampoos and many other skincare products that she had been using her entire life.  Rather than go through chemo she decided to first try changing what she put on her body to natural, pure products with chemical free ingredients (among other things…she also changed her diet and did a lot of cleanses) and her cancer in fact started to take a turn!
I’ve always been health conscious about what I put INTO my body, but after listening to and learning from her, I became more adamant about what I put ON my body as well.
I recently discovered Vintage Body Care.  They handcraft all of their products, and their story of why they started making these pure products in the first place is amazing and really tugs your heartstrings…you can read about it HERE

Sometimes I swear that the more natural a product is…it doesn’t work quite as well as the chemical loaded ones….it can be a challenge to find products that are healthy but that actually work.  I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, but I can honestly say that the moisturizer and serum are INCREDIBLE!

FACIAL SERUM—I’ve used many argan oils and serums and they always leave me skin feeling super oily even when I use a microscopic amount.  This lavender facial serum is perfect.  My husband even said the other day “your skin looks so young” MEEEP I just wanted to squeeze and kiss him for saying that.  If my husband notices something, then I know it’s working.  I will typically put this on before bed after I cleanse and tone

NATURAL BEAUTY CREAM—I use this in the mornings after cleansing, or five minutes before applying my makeup.  BTW if you’re not already moisturizing before putting on your makeup TRY IT!  It makes your makeup go on so much smoother.

HIMALAYAN SALT SCRUB—I’m obsessed with scrubs.  Whether it be for my body or face.  I typically make my own because most of the body scrubs I’ve every tried are just so weighed down with oils and they leave an oily coating in my shower (yuck).  But this one is not only made with pink Himalayan salt (uhhh can you say awesome!) but it’s not all soupy like with too much oil.  It has just enough to leave my skin feeling soft, and it smells incredible.

Hope ya’ll are having a great week!  And definitely try using more natural products, you won’t regret it.  I’m especially excited to try Vintage Body Care’s deodorant….because that’s a HUUUGE one.  I cringe every time I think of putting aluminum infested deodorants on my skin so close to my lymph nodes.
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