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***HUGE thank you to BeBeOwl Organic Bedding for sponsoring this post ^_^ ***

I’ve been in full on NESTING mode the last couple weeks.

I couldn’t even wait to get the new car seat out of the box…so now it’s just sitting in our already very cluttered living room (lol).  Today the rest of the baby bedding came, so I started putting together baby girl’s bed.  For the first 4 months or so we plan on just having a bassinet next to the bed, and she’ll just sleep next to us, or with me when I fall asleep nursing her.  It’s what we did with Kylie and it worked great.  As you can see Kylie was just as excited about the new bedding as I was.  She saw me putting everything together and started saying “Quiet time! Quiet time” (that’s what we call nap time).  She was just being so cute I couldn’t say “no” so crossing my fingers that she wasn’t too heavy, I let her chill in the bassinet…nothing broke (phew) and she had the time of her life because of it.  I think it’s important to sometimes put aside practicality, or that “picture perfect” process of doing things, and just let loose-like letting my toddler play in an infant bed-I always end up being glad I did.

I’ve been all about the organic fabrics this time around.  And BeBe Owl makes organic bedding for your little ones.  I got THIS crib mattress cover made from organic bamboo fabric.  For now I just folded it over to fit the bassinet mattress and it makes it super soft and squishy like a fluffy cloud!

I just can’t wait for this little one to arrive.  And even though I’m sooo exhausted already, and I know that life will NOT get easier once she arrives, I’m looking forward to this next chapter of our lives, and for Kylie to be a big sister 😀

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