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*ok so I was cleaning out and organizing my blog files and I found this post that I meant to post MONTHS and MONTHS ago….literally…I mean I wasn’t even pregnant in these!  How in the world was this hiding from me haha.  But better late than never right?

Looking at some of these pictures, it looks like I’m going to a funeral.  Ha, maybe I should smile more in my photos….lol.
I saw one of my favorite Youtubers (Jenny Strebe) do this hairstyle the other day, I she had such an effortless way of doing it. I’ve watched loads of tutorials on “Halo Crowns” but none of them were as easy to do as when I followed her tutorial.  So I figured I’d re-create it! Also, unless your hair is really short (like chin length or shorter) I find this hairstyle is easier to do WITHOUT extensions.
I just love this hairstyle for a day that I want my hair down but need it out of the way too.  Ever have those days?  Well this one is good for getting hair out of my face, but I still get to feel all pretty with it down in soft curls.  I decided to just link to Jenny’s tutorial because #1 being 2 weeks away from possibly delivering I don’t think I’d get this filmed, edited and out any time soon. And #2 I don’t think I could top her tutorial ba ha.  So here ya go.  You can watch her here, or on her channel.