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We had gone to the Renaissance Festival earlier that day and got her some wings.  She didn’t want to take them off the rest of the day ^_^


Daniel and I don’t eat out much in general, but we made a pact that when we do, to only eat at unique/local places while living in Texas-with maybe the occasional exception-and the area we live in is notorious for fun and unique places.  We’ve been making a “Bucket Food” list since moving here…we’ve hardly made a dent in it…but I’ve decided to document our little venture.  I’m going to call these posts the “MUST EAT HOUSTON” where I’ll highlight the different local places we try so that if you’re ever in Houston you’ll know some of the places that will change your life!
Today’s feature one I’ve been wanting to try for the past year, called The Shack Burger Resort.


Atmosphere: It’s a super chill environment and the food is just as amazing. It’s all outdoors with patio furniture, some leisure sitting areas, a couple of fire pits, different canopy areas, with a dirt lot filled with playground equipment.  How cool are these buses!  The pictures don’t do them justice.  There are also tire swings, some monkey bars and random logs for playing on, but it was so crowded when we went (Saturday night…to be expected) that I didn’t want to be that creeper with pictures of tons of other peoples’ kids ^_^
Food: Holy heavenly goodness!  The food!  It’s what you would expect to find at a local southern bbq joint.  The burger I got had bacon, spicy mustard drizzle and fried pickles plus lots more that i don’t remember.  And this APPLE PIE (the random dumpling looking thing in the picture) was a fried slice of pie with ice cream, topped with bacon! ABSOLUTELY BLEW MY MIND!  I’m not one for fried food, but if I was gonna splurge THIS was the way to do it and it did not disappoint!
Customer service: I don’t think I’m going to be saying much about each place’s customer service, but this one was too good not to mention.  So we originally went to try this place Wednesday (the day before Thanksgiving).  But we get there and the manager tells us she’s so sorry, but they’re closing at 4 to let everyone go home for Thanksgiving.  I had been looking forward to this for ages, and we’d been planning on going for months, but as much as a wanted to pull out the angry/hungry pregnancy beast, I couldn’t argue with her-and having worked in the food and retail industries before-I had to appreciate she was trying to get the staff out early to go be with their families.
But the following Saturday it worked out for us to go.  The manager recognized us and came over to say hi, and to thank us for coming back, and apologized again for the other night.  Then she was like “Pecan or apple pie?  It’s on the house.” WOOHOO.  That’s how we got introduced to that amazing (unhealthy) pie!  I just love places and people that make you feel valued.

Oh and another fun thing, instead of taking your name for orders, they assign you a celebrity or film character’s name LOL.

Hope ya’ll had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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