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The petting zoo had a freaking baby zebra!!! How cool is that

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^She always looks happier with him…but guess who she runs to when she needs help, comfort or food??? ^_^

Every year Daniel’s work gets tickets for the Texas Renaissance Festival. ¬†This year it didn’t work out for the company to all go together ūüôĀ But this way we got to pick which theme to go to. ¬†So we went on the Celtic Christmas day. ¬†To be honest, they all feel the same, but it’s fun because by this time there are Christmas Trees and lights all over.
The costumes are always so amazing and after last year we had plans to go all out and dress up…but then oops…I’m pregnant. ¬†But we did get Kylie some fairy wings-that she’s refused to take off ever since-so next year I’m thinking the two girls and I will be fairies, and Daniel will be some sort of cool looking knight.

That’s all I’m going to write for today, because sadly all three of us are sick with a bad cold. ¬†Kylie is pretty much over it…which you would think would make things ¬†easier, but with me being in the peak of it, I have NO energy and she has just enough to be needy and fussy (bleh). ¬†Yesterday wasn’t too bad because all we did the entire day was snuggle and watch movies. ¬†But on a positive side, I’m happy it’s hitting all of us at once and now BEFORE the baby comes. ¬†Hope ya’ll are having a great sick-less day. ¬†Thanks for stopping by.



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