I had step by step picture instructions for these stockings…but like an idiot I deleted them!  GRRRR.  I actually made these last year out of burlap and an old sweater of Daniel’s.  One that I never liked him wearing (eh hem) but I was a kind non controlling wife and never told him NOT to wear it, but he knew it wasn’t my favorite, and then a miracle happened he suggested I use it for these stockings when I was trying to find something to use for the brims.
Last year we were soooo broke, which is why I made our Christmas stockings…but it’s amazing what can result from not letting your circumstances effect your happiness.  I got so much satisfaction out of making these stockings 🙂  But enough tangent talk….here’s what I did.

1.cut out your stocking shape-I didn’t use a pattern or anything, I just eyeballed it.  You’ll want to first draw in onto what ever fabric/sack you’re using.  Fold the fabric in half and draw your stocking shape leaving about 1/2 inch extra to work with around the edges for when you glue the pieces together.

2.Glue together-You should now have two stocking cut outs.  you can use hot glue or fabric glue for this part (I recommend hot glue if you’re using burlap).  Glue all the edges-minus the top-together-let dry then flip inside out.

3.Brim it-Last take your brim fabric and measure how much you will need to wrap around the top.  Then glue the bottom edge to the INSIDE of the stocking, then flip the remaining amount over the top. (I hope that made sense—worst case just do what works best for you 😉 ).  Then take a small strip of the burlap and make a loop then glue to the back top portion of the brim for hanging the stocking.

I hope that made sense.  They’re really super easy, and AFFORDABLE!  Merry CHRISTMAS!!!




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