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Well today is my due date and baby is showing every sign of NOT coming today, lol-what I expected though-  If you follow me then you know I’m using a midwife (GASP! I know—it’s not for everyone, but for me and my husband it’s the ONLY way) and I’m planning on having her at home (double GASP) but there is a slight possibility that I’ll be going to the birth center, since we recently moved a fair distance away and in the country, so I’m preparing an overnight bag just in case it comes to that.  In a way I’m kinda glad she’s coming late, because with all the craziness and bad colds over the past week I ddin’t think I was going to get this post up.  The lady who was going to take my photos had a crazy week too and couldn’t do the shoot and for a bit I was just gonna forget about this post, but then Daniel being the sweetheart he is insisted that I just let him snap a few photos.

So here is my list of items I want in my bag for myself and for the baby…ps this will be my first time leaving home to have a baby, so if any of you experienced mothers out there notice anything crucial I left out, please share! 😀


ONESIES-You can never have enough onesies.  They say that babies need an extra layer and even though I plan on doing skin on the first night and as much as possible the first few days of her life, she obviously can’t ride home naked in the car seat.  Carters are my favorite, they are thick, soft, and long and thin (like most babies are) and since she’s a winter baby I’m going with the long sleeve ones.  SIDE TIP-I almost always buy Carters stuff from Target…because they are cheaper.  YAY for Target <3

SOCKS-Kylie’s toes were always cold.  So socks are a must to keep those little piggies warm

SWADDLES-Swaddles are great for newborns.  They’re so used to being in an enclosed space up till now…so makes sense right?  These are my favorite swaddles.  They’re big, lightweight, absorb spit up, milk and slobber, and babies stay swaddled in them 🙂

PACI-I’ve recently discovered these NaturSutten pacifiers.  They made from toxin-free materials.  I’ve been all about the natural baby products this time around.

BEANIE-For keeping that little head and those little ears warm

DIAPERS/WIPES-Uhhhh for obvious reasons.  I’m giving Parasol diapers a try to see if they’re really worth all the hype that people seem to be giving them.  Plus they are super cute!  For wipes, these Pampers sensitive ones have been my favorite, but Parasol also sent me some wipes that I’ll be trying too.

COCONUT OIL-For those first few days it’s best to have some sort of cold pressed pure oil on their bum so that the meconium (the sticky tar like poop they have the first day or so) doesn’t stick to their skin and then you’re left having to rub rub rub their poor little newborn skin in order to get it all off.

BURT’S BABY BEE DIAPER CREAM-I’ve tried like 100,000,000 diaper creams, THIS one is the BEST!


PROTEIN BARS-Of course the first thing on my list is food LOL.  After pushing out a baby and then nursing that little baby 5 times that night, nothing feels better than a protein reload.  I’m also taking a little container of trail mix.

ROBE-For the first few days after birth it’s nice to have something that’s not binding, easy to nurse in and easily accessible for skin on skin.

NURSING BRAS– I’m bringing two, because I don’t want to end up leaking like crazy and then only having a milk soaked bra haha.  These bras are my absolute favorite.  Mainly because they comfortable enough to sleep in.

LANSINO SOOTHING PADS-I got these from my dear friend.  She highly recommends them.  They are reusable, soothing and really help you get through those first days of breastfeeding-she has eight kids so I trust her advice-I’m excited to give them a try.

SOCKS-A) because my feet are always cold B) to avoid the cold floors when getting up and down to use the restroom and C) because there’s just something comforting about wearing socks and a robe especially in winter.

COMFY SWEATS-For the drive home.  These pajama pants are theee softest things.

SLIPPERS-Also for the drive home.  Because who wants to tie shoes???  Usually I’d opt for flip-flops…but seeing as it will be December, slippers are the obvious choice.

Well that’s my list of items that they most likely won’t have on hand at the birth center.  I can’t believe she could come any day now!  Again, if there’s anything you think I’d regret not having, please SHARE in the comments.  Otherwise I’ll figure that I did a pretty good job 😀
Love you all! Thanks for reading

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