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Well my due date has officially come and gone with no baby 🙁 I guess I wasn’t on the Stork’s ‘good list’ haha.  Seriously though, we’re in no rush.  But for update’s sake, I did have a prenatal yesterday, and I am dilated, she’s measuring well…basically everything is ready…now it’s just a matter of when she decides to leave the cozy confines of my body lol.  So we’ll see what happens.  Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to put a little more effort into my appearance and ditch the sweats and over sized T-shirts.  I wore this outfit to church last Sunday, and was surprised just how much I liked it and how comfortable it actually was.  This dress ISN’T even maternity, but Sunday it was raining and chilly, so none of my maternity dresses where really an option so I decided to give this one a go for the heck of it and add some layers.  And what do ya know!  So it’s been my go-to the last couple days.

Well I’m off to rest, because the little munchkin is finally sleeping, the grocery shopping is done, the living room is clean (I say living room…because that’s the only room that’s clean) and after attempting to write this post over the last few hours I’m kinda over it lol.  Seriously though, thanks for stopping by, love ya’ll!


“in 20 years from now, will your worries really matter?  Don’t let them rule your life”


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