When you were a child it was MAGICAL, when you were a teenager it became FUN.  Now that you’re an adult it’s EXPENSIVE, STRESSFUL & TIME CONSUMING.  I’m going to risk sounding cliche, but Christmas is NOT supposed to be a stressful or miserable time.  Yes negative or unwanted emotions can arise because you can’t always control your surroundings or the people around you, but it’s YOUR choice to focus on the commercial aspect or the CHRIST part of CHRIST-mas or not.  I promise if you choose the latter you will be so much happier.  That doesn’t necessarily have to mean sitting around singing hymns and praying non stop.  There’s a great initiative going on right now called Light The World (#LightTheWorld)  where every day from the first of December until Christmas has an invitation and a way of how to be more Christlike this season.  Today for example is “Jesus saw potential in others, and so can you”
Today is my first day alone with both the girls, and I was dreading it this morning.  But so far today’s invite has already helped me get through the morning.  I think that seeing potential in others also includes seeing potential in ourselves.  I  think that Christ being the loving brother that he is knows that I can handle caring for and being patient and loving towards my girls while maintaining my sanity (lol-although only half joking).  Also, I decided to see more potential in Kylie.  That even though she’s only two, she can comprehend so much if I take the time to explain things to her.  And so far this morning has been a beautiful one.  Kylie has been sweet and helpful, and she has loved just watching Harley sleep and read books to her.  She’s even giving me time to write this post….speaking of which I should wrap up so that I can go focus my love and attention on her 🙂

I’m not sure if this post has made any sense, I just sort of let the words and thoughts go without any premeditation, so hopefully I’ve gotten some sort of helpful or inspiring-or entertaining if anything-message across.
love you all!


Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you were uplifted. Feel free to leave your thoughts or questions xo
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