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* in collaboration with Happy Baby Wraps


My parents are in town to see the new baby, to help out and to spend time with us.  It’s been a dream!  My dad has never been to Houston since we moved out here, so of course we had to show him all the fun things about Houston.  He’s an artist, so taking him to the Fine Arts Museum was the obvious thing to do.  I love museums too, and I like to take my time in them even if I have two kids with me.  Which isn’t an issue when you have a stroller…but when it can only hold one child at a time…that’s when things get tricky.  This is when I’m sooo grateful for the invention of baby carriers.  We put the baby car seat attachment in the stroller and mostly just let Kylie walk.  Then when Kylie would get too tired we’d put her in the stroller (yes the she’d sit in the infant car seat lol) and then I’d put the baby in my Happy Baby Wrap.  I love the soft fabric wraps for when babies are so small.  Because they feel more secure, she looks more comfy and it’s easier on my back.  There are a few different wraps out there that I’ve tried and I can honestly say theses Happy Baby ones are my favorite so far.  They’re breathable, have just enough stretch (I’ve used some that have too much stretch and the weight of my baby ends up making them slip farther and farther down my chest).

Happy Baby also makes carriers for bigger/older babies that are adorable.  They also offer free shipping-don’t know why but free shipping just automatically makes me happier and want to shop at that site…I know I’m weird but sometimes I’ll shop online, go to check out and will close out of the tab if I don’t like the shipping prices-They have so many cute designs and they’re so much more reasonably priced than most, and worth every penny.

NEW YEARS—-REALLY!?  Can you believe it’s New Year’s Eve already?  I can’t.  This year just flew by.  We’re going to have a pretty chill evening with my parents.  Probably watch a move and eat delicious food 😀



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