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*In collaboration with NomiLu

Pacifiers are like socks…you can own a dozen and somehow they ALL manage to disappear almost instantly.  Incredibly frustrating right?  Well there is a solution to that…pacifier clips.  DUH.  But here’s my issue.  A lot of the clips I tried with my first baby always had one of three things.  The clip wasn’t that strong and would fall off-resulting in losing the paci AND the clip (grr)-or being made out of nylon, they’d get SOOOOO dirty and gross after a short period of time or they just weren’t that cute and we moms know that CUTE really is important 😉 (maybe not as much as other things….but it IS 😀 ).

I’ve heard and read many times that wooden cutting boards hold less bacteria etc, so naturally wooden paci clips seem like the perfect alternative to fabric/nylon and all the germs, sweat, slobber and other random liquids that they absorb and hold on to.
With baby number two I’m much more adamant about the natural and chemical free products out there.  I want to share some of my favorite items from NomiLu, who makes these adorable paci clips, (plus tons of other accessories).  They’re all handmade in the US, and while unpacking them I wasn’t hit with any factory chemical smells.
Here are my 3 favorites.

1)Wooden beaded paci clip-These wooden clips are the cutest things.  I get so many compliments every time I’m out and about.  Plus they make the actual pacifiers easier to keep track of.  I  have one with both the metal clasp and the wooden clasp.  They’re both good and strong and won’t come undone, but I think I’d have to say the wooden clasp is my fav.  Just for basic reasons like it doesn’t heat up as much if in the sun, it’s more unique, and if she puts that end in her mouth it doesn’t bother me.

2)Suede paci clip-These are so timeless and pull any outfit together.  I love using it for the teething ring.

3)Wooden Teether-Wooden baby toys and teethers are all the talk right now.  And for good reason….remember the whole “wood holds less bacteria” thing.  Well naturally, wouldn’t you want something your child puts in their mouth to hold less bacteria???  NomiLu also adds some soft fabric to a portion of the teether which is nice texture for baby.  They’re also the perfect size for their little hands to grip.

*you can mix and match these clips with any paci or teething ring, which puts my mind at ease know they won’t get lost or misplaced. *

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