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toddler fashion

flower girls*** It’s a good sign that she can still giggle with a screaming baby beside her ^_^ ***


Tutu | Top | Headband


Tutu || Moccasins  (c/o) || Headband (Marshall’s in store only)

I remember being so disappointed-only briefly-when I found out we were having another girl…but then I realized quickly that I would be able to dress them in cute coordinating outfits, and now that that time has come, it’s even better than I expected.  Some of these photos were hilarious because as you can see Harley is freaking out for whatever reason, and poor Kylie is trying to stay in character, and is a little confused about what’s happening.

Tutus are probably theee cutest thing that a girl can wear.

There’s just something about them that make you feel like a fairy princess and want to dance around the room-yes they make me want to dance around barefoot too-and Kylie just loves them.  Daniel not so much because they get glitter EVERYWHERE!  “Like fairy dust” I tell him-lol it doesn’t really help-Kylie helped picked these out while we were out and about enjoying our Christmas gift cards 😀 btw it actually feels like winter here in Texas now, with a whopping 20 degrees outside. BRRRRR.  So we’re drinking lots of cocoa and eating the rest of our ginger bread cookies.  Needless to say Kylie is in her own little heaven today.

And 5 hours later…..

It’s so hard to blog these days.  Harley hasn’t let me put her down all afternoon-which I don’t mind at all, in fact I prefer it-but the difference about today is that she was clearly in pain-gas pains-and it just broke my heart.  I could tell all she wanted to do was be comforted and eat, but she was so uncomfortable that she couldn’t eat and would just cry and cry (for 2 hours straight).  So now she and Kylie are asleep and I’m finally getting some “me” time in.  And now I have to go finish preparing a lesson for church tomorrow 😀
So I’ll say goodnight.

“You pile up enough tomorrows, and you’ll find you’ve collected a lot of empty yesterdays.”
-Meredith Willson (Professor Harold Hill 🙂 )



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