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Did you know that when a newborn has direct skin contact with their mother, the mother’s body temperature will adjust to what the baby needs.

I love doing skin-to-skin (or Kangaroo care) with my new little babies.  I believe it’s equally as soothing for the mom as it is for the baby.
I want to share some benefits that come with giving your baby as much skin contact as possible.  I’m sure many moms already know this stuff or have heard about it before.  But it’s always nice to have what you’ve heard or read validated once more right?  Many of these benefits (according to professionals) I’ve in fact experienced first hand.

*Disclaimer-it’s not my intention to offend or make anyone feel stupid.  I simply enjoy sharing information that I’ve tested and proven for myself.  Some out there may disagree with me or my sources.  However I will say that I don’t care how text book savvy you are, in the end I will always trust my maternal instinct before any doctor, scientist or textbook. 🙂

Skin-on-skin benefits for you and baby…..

1)MAKES BREASTFEEDING EASIER-According to MedScape skin contact with the mom helps sooth, familiarize and helps the baby’s adjustment to life out of the womb go smoother, which leads to them nursing more quickly.

2) A MORE CONFIDENT MAMA–  Mothers who hold their newborns skin to skin after birth have increased maternal behaviors, show more confidence in caring for their babies (MedScape)

3BREATHINGBabies will synchronize their heart rate to yours! Because a baby’s system is not 100% developed and immature they will occasionally stop breathing or have slowed heart rates.  Although they will usually start again on their own, being close to mom can help them learn to better accomplish this on their own.  Being in direct contact with you, they will synchronize to your breathing and heart rate.  Cool huh? (source)

With both my girls I was immediately handed my baby and able to have direct skin contact with them.  This also helps prevent their glucose levels from dropping (which when that happens they typically take your baby to the NICU 🙁 ).  And both of them were feeding in a matter of minutes.  Also whenever they would get super fussy I would do skin to skin and it would calm them right down.
If anything else, it is extremely bonding and calming for me and my little ones.  Give it a try.

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