gado gado

What is GADO GADO? Think of a salad (minus the lettuce lol) with a yummy thick peanut sauce drizzled over top.

My husband lived in Indonesia for two years (before we were together) as a missionary.  He absolutely loved the country, the people and especially the FOOD!  We love exchanging stories about our missions (I went as a missionary to Portugal), but we don’t make quite as many dishes unique to Portugal because the ingredients are a little harder to come by in the states, whereas there a million and one Asian food markets around, plus almost all the grocery stores have some form of Asian inspired isles.
Today I had to go run some quick errands and I was going to be near the World Market.  He NEEEVER likes to go run errands or shopping period.  But when he heard that he was completely on board in hopes of finding some ingredients for Indonesian dishes.  Sadly we get to World Market and they had NOTHING he needed.  He was so frustrated with them (in a funny way) and was determined now to have the foods he’d been craving.  So we decided to try the Hong Kong market that we’d passed a million times but never went into.  BINGO!  He was like a giddy little school boy, and Kylie loved looking at all the live fish and lobsters in the giant tanks.  I felt like I was in Asia it was crazy.  And super fun walking around the store and checking out all the looks I’d get when people would see me-who’s clearly part Asian-with Kylie-my blond haired, blue eyed girl-I felt like a celebrity.
Gado Gado is one of my favorite Indonesian dishes that Daniel has introduced me to.  It’s filling yet refreshing.  And it’s super easy to make.  All the ingredients minus the sauce can be found in every grocery store.


Gado Gado peaunut sauce
bean sprouts
1 hard boiled egg
broccoli (cooked)
shredded carrot

*Some gado gado recipes have boiled potato, or cauliflower…really any veggies you want…there’s not really any rule.  As far as measurements go, you can get creative.

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