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A baby’s skin is just ugh! SO FLAWLESS.  I could kiss Harley’s face all day.  It makes me wish I would have taken better care of my skin in my earlier years. Ya’ll know I’m bohemian all natural spirit, so I like my skin to be healthy and clear enough to the point where minimal to no makeup is needed, because lots of makeup makes me feel claustrophobic.   Dark circles, blemishes and wrinkles catch up to all of us…I get that…but there ARE things you can do to still help your skin have a healthy glow, and even prolong the aging process.


EYE MASKS-since having babies, spots and dark circles have caught up to me that much sooner GRRR!   But thank goodness for products that combat this.   I use these eye mask pads by VIIcode that target wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles, and blemishes.  JACKPOT!  I like that they’re a gel pad rather than a thick cream I have to rub on then rub off and make a mess.  I just peel of the plastic, slap ’em on before bed, then peel them off and voila!  I do this 2-3 times a week.
I’ve gone through my first box and already notice a difference. My skin looks more vibrant and moisturized.  You’re supposed to see better and complete results after a full treatment cycle (3 boxes).

MOISTURIZE-just like our bodies need to stay hydrated, so does our skin.  I have really dry skin so I like to use a heavy moisturizing cream for right before applying makeup, and I always apply a serum or oil before bed.

DRINK LOTS OF WATER-Keeping your body hydrated is vital in healthy glowing skin.  If you’re dried out and prune like on the inside it’s going to show in your skin first.

CLEANSE & EXFOLIATE-You’d be amazed the dirt and oils that your face just naturally collects with or without makeup.  It’s important to cleanse morning and night, and I like to exfoliate every other day (you may not be able to do it that frequently…experiment and see what your skin can handle.)  Be sure to use something fine, like the same texture as sand, sugar or salt (I’ve actually used these before 😉 and they work great) not those scrubs with the jumbo size beads…these can actually give your skin microscopic cuts.

VITAMINS-Fish oil, vitamin-E, prenatal are my go-to vitamins I take daily.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful day!

*Huge thanks to VIIcode for sponsoring this post