Once again our Valentine’s day is going to involve two little people.  Harley still refuses to take a bottle otherwise we would get a sitter and have a romantic Valentine’s evening.  But since that’s not the case we’re finding other ways to celebrate. Some of them we do as a family but I think it’s still important to connect with your loved one on a “YOU” level, and talk about things other than our kids.

Affordable Valentine Dates

1. Private Late Night Dinner- Last night we decided on a whim to have a late dinner just the two of us while the girlies were sleeping, and it ended up being really nice.  Daniel ran to the store and got a few easy to make things, a rotisserie chicken, French bread, sparkling cider & sweet potatoes.  Then we cooked together and watched 30 Rock while we ate.  It was like $15 and we have lots of leftovers 🙂

2. Make Valentin’s-We love crafts in our home.  Get together and make homemade Valentine’s for each other, or make a bunch for a nursing home, family members, people who are living alone, or my friend Jackie had the great idea to make a bunch and give them to the homeless who are near the stop lights.  (Be safe with that, but in our area there are always people by the stop lights).

3. Cookies-Do I even need to say much on this topic?  Cookies just make life better! (my Valentine sugar cookie recipe HERE)

4. Star gazing-Get a sitter and go to a park or a place that’s special to the two of you, or set up the baby monitor and go to the yard with lots of blankets and hot coco and snuggle under the stars.

5. If you’re tight on cash go someplace and share an appetizer or dessert, or BOTH 🙂  This is easy to do with or without the kiddos.

Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you were uplifted. Feel free to leave your thoughts or questions xo
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