TOWEL: Mod-Allure

Bath time is very popular in our house-how did we get so lucky!!!-Kylie has to be included anytime Daniel or I take a shower.  There was one time I had to sneak into the bathroom to take a shower, then afterwards decided to relax a little more and take a bath.  Next thing I knew Kylie was storming through the bathroom door, pulling back the shower curtain with a look of utter shock and betrayal that I would be taking a bath without her!  LOL.
I recently got this beautiful Turkish towel from Mod Allure, and now believe it or not, bath time is even MORE exciting.  Kylie loves the “priddy blue” towel.  And I just can’t wait to use it this summer, not only for the bright color, but it is HUUUGE, and lightweight (perfect for the summer heat) and absorbs water deceivingly well! On a side note, the first time I washed it, without thinking I put it in the dryer!  After an hour I realized what I’d done, and ran to get it out, fully expecting to see the tassels all puffy and curled.  But they weren’t!  The towel looked just like new! WOOHOO.


Since showering in and of itself is an accomplishment (haha) I need to multi task in order to give my skin and hair the proper TLC it needs.  I’ll typically shower first thing in the morning-Kylie usually tags along-then I’ll get out, put my favorite deep conditioner in, and my resurfacing peel on my face then go about my morning, making breakfast, nursing Harley etc, then I’ll rinse it all off and let my hair air dry.  Then I’ll use these triad toner pada serum, then I’m good to go!  It’s not perfect or ideal lol, but it’s #momlife 😀 and it works for me.

Have a wonderful day everybody!

*Thank you Mod Allure for sponsoring this post 🙂

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