I have a toddler, a newborn (hello yellow poop!) myself & a husband…we do a fair amount of laundry at our house ūüôā And frequently buying new clothes for my little people seems sometimes pointless because they will just grow out of them so fast anyway…but then I don’t want them walking around in tattered, stained and all around GROSS clothing either. ¬†So the trick is to just make the pieces they have last as looong as possible. ¬†I’ve picked up some tips and tricks over time and wanted to share them with you. ¬†This was very much a “let’s take the most random photos possible” post. ¬†But c’mon, I like learning and sharing useful information, plus this was a fun excuse to show off my laundry products that I’m in LOVE with. ¬†This may seem ¬†“commercialized” but it’s actually not sponsored (that would be freaking awesome if it were! Hello laundry companies if you are reading this, SPONSOR ME!)

Dress: Target (in store only-the Boutique line)

WASH IN COLD WATER-We’ve all heard NEVER wash darks in warm water! ¬†Well the same goes for lights as well. ¬†Cold helps to better remove stains, lessens the chance of them shrinking etc. ¬†So wash your clothes in cold as often as you can. ¬†Now if it’s the smell you’re trying to get rid of, then the warmer the better (usually)

USE FABRIC SOFTENERS-Some clothes recommend NOT using fabric softener because they limit the fabric’s ability to wick away sweat by adding a coating to the fabric, and that’s fine. ¬†But for all the rest, that little coating is great for protecting your clothes against the dirt and grime, and even from being over washed (think of washing your hair…softeners are like the conditioner!) My favorites are by Downey because the fragrances are delicious! ¬†But other than that I really don’t notice a HUUGE difference from other brands.

WASH ON DELICATE-Unless you’re super dirty all the time (which I’m guessing you’re not) there’s really no need to put your clothes through a vigorous washing cycle

OXI-CLEAN Stain Remover!!!-This stuff has been life changing! ¬†No joke. ¬†I first learned about it from my friend Mary, and when I tried it I was like “where have you been all my life!” ¬†She said the Oxi-clean detergent really isn’t that great, I haven’t tried it personally because I just took ¬†her word for it.

LAUNDRY BEADS-Especially for getting the smell out. ¬†I love the Unstopables beads. ¬†Febreeze also makes them (I haven’t tried-but I’m sure they are just as good). ¬†I’ll use these when I do laundry that has been through the mills and is kinda (extra) smelly, like dish towels.

Let me know if there are any laundry products, tips etc that you guys like. ¬†I love getting new advice. ¬†Love ya’all!



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