^CAUGHT IN THE ACT!  I love this shot of her right after stuffing 20 pepperoni in her mouth! ^_^

frozen uncooked dinner rolls (thaw the dough) | pasta sauce & basil pesto | mozzarella cheese | pepperoni & deli ham
*bake at 300F on slightly greased baking sheet for 20-30 minutes (depending on your oven)
*Can be made in a conventional oven or regular

It’s a PIZZA PARTY in our house today!  Or a Pizza WEEKEND for that matter.  No joke, while we were making these I get a text from my friend inviting us to come over for games and pizza tomorrow with the rest of our friends.  I was like whaaaat! We haven’t had pizza in weeks and now twice in two days!  Anyway these mini pizzas came about by accident in a way.  We had a bag of frozen self rising dinner rolls in our freezer (ummm they may or may not have been there for too many months to count) that had thawed then refroze all mushed together.  I hate to just throw food out if it hasn’t gone bad.  So  I thought that maybe we could let the dough thaw then make pizzas with them.  The rest is history.  Kylie had so much fun…probably enjoyed eating the toppings more that the actual pizza.  This girl would have finished off the bag of pepperoni by herself if I didn’t catch her.  Any-who.  There’s not a lot much else to talk about.  Life is fantastic, hope you’re week went well. (Can you believe it’s MARCH!?)  Have a fabulous weekend ya’ll!