Today has been one of those eye opening days where I realize just how great life is.  Sure we don’t own our house yet, we haven’t taken the trip to Indonesia and Portugal that we’ve been wishing for the last 5 years.  But the things we do have are lasting and eternal.
It started when I first woke up to the sweet little sing song voice of Kylie girl in my bed.  But rather than her routine “I’m hungry.  Food” she just crawled under the covers with me and snuggled up and put her hand on me eyes…her way of saying I could go back to sleep. (seriously melt your freaking heart!)  Even though this only lasted for 5 minutes before she wanted me to go get her some breakfast, it was just the most tender way to start my day…and you can’t buy that.  You can’t pay to have your child be a sweet heart from within, and you can’t buy their love.  The rest of the day has been filled with the daily mundane sometimes stressful moments, but within there have been musical and dance performances by Kylie, giggle and huge smiles from Harley, and I managed to get ALL the laundry in the house washed, folded and put away! BOOOYAAA!  I’m discovering for myself that by constantly waiting to “something bad to happen” or “we don’t have this or that” then that WILL become your reality.  But the more positive thoughts your have, and the more you acknowledge the GOOD in your life, the more good will come to you!

Have a wonderful day everybody!

“What you put out is what will come back to you”

-Louise Hay