^ I was carrying around one very sleepy baby lol^

If you want to see your kids giddy with over excitement and running around like little woodland fairies and elves…take them to a butterfly exhibit!  It was seriously the coolest most magical thing.  I felt like I was some woodland fairy with all the butterflies fluttering all around me and landing on our clothes (as well as my butt lol).  But a word to the wise DO NOT wear long sleeves, jeans & tall boots….because in order to keep the butterflies alive they keep the room extremely HUMID and warm…yeah we were all sweating lol.  But it was sooo worth it.

As soon as we were outside-or basically anywhere else but the butterfly forest-all the layers were much appreciated.  It’s not freezing, but just cool enough to want some thin layers or in other words Spring weather haha.  This long sleeve top has been my go to for lounging around the house or for pairing with any casual outfit.

If you need some ideas for Spring Break activities, here is what’s on our check list



(there is an Alligator park near us we’re going to go see!)