St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day

Our day has been extremely uneventful…like to the point of almost feeling shameful.  Probably because I spent the majority of the day on the computer as I am right now blogging.  Hmmm.  So right now is sort of a brain storm session for myself, and to help other moms out there come up with some activities for their little people to do.

GREEN EGGS & HAM-I always thought this was the cooolest thing to do when I was little.  It’s a little past breakfast time but they won’t care…they just love the GREEN eggs!

PICK BOUQUETS OF CLOVER-this one I’m happy to say we already did.  I never realized until THIS year that in March there are in fact TONS of clover all around!  I LOVE it!  It’s probably Kylie’s new favorite “flower”

ST PATRICK’S DAY BOOKS-Go to the Library and find some St. P day themed books if you can…we’re probably going to get “Green Eggs & Ham” and read that while we eat our green food hehe.

Hmm that’s all I’ve got.  What sorts of things do you guys do on St. Patrick’s day?

ps.  This sweater is my new absolute FAVORITE!  It’s not too heavy, but keeps me just warm enough for the cooler Spring mornings.


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