Mornings are our favorite.  It’s one of the few times we’re all together, sometimes the girls will be in bed before Daniel gets home.  We’ve come up with a new routine.  Daniel and I will get up at 7, have our scripture study time, then we’ll go down and I’ll make breakfast while he gets Kylie girl dressed.  Then we’ll all eat together 100% the time still in our PJs.  Then Daniel gets ready and heads off to work, and by that time Harley is awake and the rest of my day is pretty busy, sometimes chaotic lol.
We’re definitely a SAVORY over sweet family.  Even when it comes to breakfast.  Sometimes I’ll make something semi sweet in the mornings…but that’s rare.  Our current obsession is this Sweet Potato Hash.  We LOVE sweet potatoes (I’m not joking when I say we eat about 10 a week), but that didn’t seem like enough to jsut have potatoes for breakfast.  One time I decided to add eggs.  Then kale because it was about to spoil, then we didn’t have kale one day so I used spinach…over time it evolved into this hash.  It’s all protein ingredients and 2/3 super food!

Prep time-10 minute (simply because you have to peel and chop the potatoes)
cook time-15-20 minutes
TOTAL-approx 30 minutes

2 sweet potatoes peeled and chopped into bite size pieces
4 cups kale or spinach (it shrinks down so don’t be afraid to add a lot)
4 eggs
1/4 c olive oil


-start by cooking the sweet potatoes in the olive oil on medium/low heat.  Cover and let sit for 10 minute mixing occasionally.
-Once potatoes are soft and can be cut apart with your mixing spoon, add the spinach and/or kale.
-When greens are shrinking (kale takes longer, spinach will cook very fast) add the eggs.
-continue cooking until eggs are cooked to desired amount

*salt and pepper to taste


Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you were uplifted. Feel free to leave your thoughts or questions xo
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