I posted this picture on my Instagram a few days back and I got some emails asking how I did it.  I thought YESSS another tutorial.  I get so tickled when people actually want to know how I style  my hair…it’t the biggest complement in my mind, so THANK YOU & hugs and kisses to you ALL!  I realized since this is just a style that I started doing one day, that it doesn’t really have a name…at least not that I’m aware of…Kylie and I are watcing the new “Pete’s Dragon” as I type this I’m calling it a Dragon Tail Braid.  Cheesy? Probably hehe.  And forgive me for rocking the “no makeup” look, but children do come first…and there just simply wasn’t going to be enough time to take pictures AND do makeup AND fulfill mother duties 🙂

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Life as a mom doesn’t have to be “all or nothing”  You can do your hair, makeup, wear cute practical clothes, feel cute while still being a good mom.  Hope you enjoyed this style.

*sidenotes-I did I dutch braid for this look.

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