‘A functional non frumpy outfit consisting of basic practical clothing items.  Fits the three E’s criteria.’

-Easy to move in-

-Easy to clean-

-Easy to style-


I recently wore this outfit to our Play Date/Park Day with our friends, and it was perfect for playing with the kids, then running couple errands afterwards.
Now my “momiform” changes based on weather (as I’m sure everyone’s does) but today I’m sharing my current Spring/Summer transition, go-to MOM outfit.  But through all the season changes there is one aspect that stays the same for me…..MOBILITY!  I have to be able to move, and move quickly, be comfortable, but I like to feel cute as well.  Don’t get me wrong, I certainly have those days….or eh hem FULL WEEKS where I don’t get out of my sweats…and I would seriously live in my sweats 100% of my life if it didn’t take a toll on my mood.  But I’ve come to discover that comfy doesn’t have to equal frumpy.  So today I’m going to share some tweaks and tips you can use to take your basic functional MOM outfit up a notch or two.

JEANS-Okay, I realize these distressed jeans might be a little over the top for some.  But I honestly like the worn, distressed look.  Maybe that’s not your style and that’s ok, but here’s something to consider, because I don’t wear them simply because I like the style, they actually serve a very important function.  They’re ventilated!
Have you ever had your blood pressure rise over things that normally wouldn’t bother you, simply because you were overheating?  I for one am notorious for getting snappy and irritable when I’m too hot.  Well these jeans actually cool me down.  You’d be surprised the difference these holes and rips make, and as my friend Jess puts it “I can stay cool even when I don’t shave my legs!”

MAKE IT A ‘BOYFRIEND’-I’m a few years behind the ‘boyfriend’ jean trend.  And here’s why.  I didn’t realize that there were sooo many styles of ‘boyfriend’ jean, and not all of them work with every body type.  So I tried some of the wrong kind on once, and decided they weren’t for me.  Fortunately I figured out the secret and now have these that I LOVE.  (*side note-I can do a post on “Finding Your Perfect Boyfriend Jean’ if ya’ll want)  Don’t get me wrong I love my skinny jeans, but sometimes the less binding fit is so much better on those days I’m sitting in traffic, or running around Costco.

TENNIES-This may change to sandals when the days get even warmer, but for now I’m living it up in my tennies!  They’re perfect for chasing those little rugrats, moving swiftly through the grocery store or to and from the car.  Sneakers have been making a huge come back into fashion over the past few years, and they’re coming with a BANG.  There are now so many cute styles.  Adidas, New Balance and sometimes Nike are my favorites.  I think they have the cutest colors and styles as well as being super comfortable.

BASIC TEEs-Basic T-shirts could serve well in everyone’s closet.  They go with everything!  I was in desperate need of some new basics shirts (my others might have been getting moth holes and armpit stains…….) I recently picked up this green/blue and many others at Target when they were $5!!!  They’re normally $9 which still isn’t bad at all!  My favorite is the “Favorite V-Neck Tee” by Merona.  They’re soooo soft, come in tons of colors, aren’t too tight, and hide the aftermath of a large lunch very well, they are just long enough for bending over and moving around, lengthening the torso and the V-neck adds a feminine touch.

HATS-Hats are freaking amazing!  There are so many styles, ball caps, floppy, fedoras, military caps, visors.  You can pick whichever is most comfortable and BAM your basic outfit now looks like you put 100 times more effort into it than you actually did.
I’m very good at forgetting to grab a hat while rushing out the door, then don’t realize how bad I want one to cover my frizzy humid hair until I’m at the store!  So I’ve starting keeping one if my car at all times. (Black, because it goes with EVERYTHING!)

I hope this was helpful.  Remember it’s ok to feel good about how you look, but it also doesn’t mean you need fancy expensive clothes either.  It’s very easy to have a functional, comfortable and affordable outfit 😀
***Let me know in the comments, email or Instagram if you would like to see a post on finding the right boyfriend jean fit for you.

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